With multiple Public Health resources for the LGBTQ community, Public Health
needed a logo to represent our joining of forces with LGBTQ programs in Dayton
and Montgomery County. In 2021, Public Health received a top score of 100 in the 
Health Equality Index and earned the LGBTQ+ Healthcare Equality Leader designation.
My Role
Create a new LGBTQ+ Health Alliance Logo
Create a new pull-up banner for events like the Dayton Pride parade and health fairs
Create a t-shirt design for Pride
Update Public Health LGBTQ+ Brochures and Flyers with the new branding
Digital Sketches for Logo Design
I wanted to create a fun, carefree feeling in my typography.
In the end I chose a combination of TW Century MT and Freestyle Script. 

Troubleshooting Visual Typography Issues
I really liked the energy of the Freestyle Script font, but I did not like
how it was so disconnected. So I outlined and expanded the type and
edited the curly ends of the text so it was harmoniously legible and
pleasurable to read "Health Alliance".

Digital Sketches Continued:
Final Logo:
Old Banner vs. New Banner
T-shirt Design:
Designs in Action
We decided to print the design on a grey t-shirt and found a screen printer to print all 9 colors! We also all enjoyed the Pride parade and fair in June of 2022.
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