Orpheus and its predecessor, The Exponent, have been student-generated for the
last 116 years. Each term, a call to action is generated and University of Dayton students
submit prose, poetry, fine art, photography, and design products for consideration.
Selection of included works is juried by faculty panels arranged by Orpheus art, design, and literary staff. Coordination, estimating editing design production, and printing
direction are all conducted by the publication's student populated staff.

Silver foil stamp. Seductive soft touch. Financed by patrons. Budget of $4,500.
1,000 magazines printed.

The goal in layout decisions was to give each story its own voice and space in regard to the theme of this issue:HIVE/SWARM. A hive is a place of activity — a place of busy — a place of doing. A hive is a cave. A hive is a community. To swarm is to move in large numbers. A swarm is dense. A swarm is a sound — a rushing sound —
an inescapable sound. 

In the hive, we are productive. In the swarm, we are accepted. Yet, we feel alone inside the swarm. We are stagnant. The swarm moves, but you can’t even see the tips of your own fingers or the ends of your own toes. Who are you? And then, still, we feel alone outside the swarm. We are reaching. We crave belonging.

The hive, the swarm: DISGUST. 
The hive, the swarm: DESIRE. 
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