With multiple Public Health locations, the IT department often goes from building to building to support everyone with technical help tickets in our agency. Sporting the
brand of Public Health and looking cool on the road was the IT department head's idea.
They have had their all white Ford Transit Connect 2020 van for a while and it was time
for an upgrade!
My Role
Digital Design
Iconography Customization
Packaging Design
Branding Direction and Strategy

Above: 1st iteration of digital sketches on right side of van
Below: 2nd iteration of digital sketches on right side of van

The Decision
It was a tough decision for the IT department and the design team, but we went ahead with idea 3b, one of my first designs. 
Due to printing restrictions and the way the design is cut and wrapped, it was advised not to use a gradient or have text on the bottom bumper. The ultimate final design was a simple, yet sleek one.
We were overall happy with the outcome, and the van wrap company we used was pleased as well.
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